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If you are looking to revamp the look of your home without spending your entire savings on it, try stamped concrete. Stamped concrete can boost the aesthetics of your property in an instant and resemble the look of your desired material. With proper installation and regular up keeping, it can last for many years. We can deliver impressive results at an affordable price. We offer several designs and pigments and meticulously perform the task to ensure the stamped concrete will last for decades. 

Here are the most frequent questions we are asked by our customers about stamped concrete: 

  • What is the cost of stamped concrete compared to standard concrete?

As expected, decorative concrete costs more than the conventional gray finish. In most cases, it costs $4 more, considering the total sq. ft, stamp, and concrete coloring. Taking into consideration these factors, be ready to pay at least $13 for stamped concrete. 

  • Is stamped concrete hazardous, in terms of safe footing?

Yes, if you have a smooth-finish stamp that is prone to getting wet. We assure our customers that our stamps are not slippery because we use a non-slip additive to prevent skidding. If you are concerned about slipping issues, make sure to mention it to our contractors, and we’ll see to it that we will take care of it. 

  • How many years can stamp concrete last?

Stamped concrete can last for decades if given the right care and maintenance. Proper installation is also crucial for the longevity and durability of stamped concrete. 

  • What are the best applications for stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete applications can be used for both residential and commercial properties. Whether it’s your garage, patio, or walkway, trust us to complete the task for you efficiently. 

  • What is the process of coloring the stamped concrete?

The pigment is directly added to the mix to ensure that the entire slab is colored even if the concrete gets damaged or cracked. Using the color release technique, we add another color to give your concrete a more distinct and polished look. We recommend the use of a dark pigment for a classic and antique effect.  

  • How can I get rid of ice/ snow from stamped concrete?

Some use salt or sand to get rid of snow on stamped concrete, but we recommend shoveling it off instead. Let the sun melt the remaining snow and ice before you get a foot or vehicle traffic on it.

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How many varieties of stamps are available on your stock?

We have several different patterns and textures that you can choose from. In the case when your preferred stamp is not available, we can order one from our trusted manufacturer. 

What is the recommended type of reinforcement for stamped concrete slab?

We highly suggest using a rebar grid for stamped concrete to protect it from damage. While rebar is more expensive than wire mesh, it can effectively prevent the concrete from shifting and incurring other damages. 

Do I need to reseal stamped concrete?

Resealing is essential to keep your concrete in top condition. We suggest having it resealed annually, depending on how exposed it is to sunlight. Make sure that you use the same sealer each time you do the process. 

When can I start using my stamped concrete?

It is necessary for the stamped concrete to be sealed twice for optimum results. It may take at least two hours before you can walk on your stamped concrete. 

Is cracking an issue with stamped concrete?

Unfortunately, yes, especially due to the constant change of temperature. Stamped concrete, like standard concrete, can be susceptible to damages or cracks. Rest assured that we will take every necessary measure to prevent cracks in the future. 

What maintenance is required?

We highly suggest that you power wash the stamped concrete at least twice a year to keep dirt off the surface of the concrete. This can also help prolong the quality of color and durability of the stamped concrete. Keep in mind that resealing every 1 to 2 years is critical to protect its color. Instead of using sand or salt to remove snow, shovel it off of the concrete’s surface.


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