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A concrete slab is fundamental for every construction project. It is essential to keep the foundation of your house stable and sturdy. Building a house or a driveway without a concrete slab will make it impossible for the contractor to create a level foundation. A high-quality concrete slab will surely give your home the strong start that it needs. 

Cost-effectiveness- One of the benefits of using concrete slabs is its affordability. The reason why it is not as expensive as other slabs is that the materials used to make it are not too costly. Constructing a concrete slab doesn’t require deep excavation as well as foundation wall. Without these steps, the production of concrete slab takes less time, which means less money spent on the workforce.  

Stability– Proper construction and pouring of a concrete slab are essential to having a level ground to which the house will be constructed.  A quality slab is a foundation for the structure above to be level and stable.  

Safety– Concrete slabs are fire-resistant, which makes it a sound barrier for radon gas before it gets into your property. 

Insulation– You can benefit a lot from the concrete slab, especially in the summer days. The concrete will absorb the humidity from the environment, which will make the temperature around the slab colder. At times when the temperature around the slab is colder, the concrete will release the heat, which will make the temperature in your house much warmer. 

Strength- Concrete is a highly durable construction material, but it can still be further strengthened by installing a steel mesh or fiber reinforcements to it. Different strengths apply to different types of constructions, but the standard strength is 4500 psi. 

Slabs can be identified into three types, namely waffle raft, stiffened raft, and pier and slab. We will help you identify the type of slab that best meets the requirement of your specific construction project. 

Stiffened raft- This type of slab is the most common as it is the simplest to create.  It is poured in one effort with internal re-bar to provide rigidity as well as having finished edges.  

Waffle raft– It is critical that the slabs don’t move while it’s being poured, which is why grid stiffening ribs are used to fasten them in place. The slab is placed on top of the ground instead of within it.  

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Pier and slab- This slab technique requires that the concrete is poured on top of a pier grid. The pier grid should be initially embedded in the ground. We will decide on the size of the piers, as well as its depth depending on the type of soil you have in the location. 

It is safe to say that the structural soundness of a building depends on the quality of the concrete slab where it sits. If done poorly, it will have a significant effect on the integrity of your home. For this reason, it is essential to hire a professional to complete the job to ensure everything is done accordingly. The following are some of the common issues that arise when an average homeowner handles the installation of their concrete slabs.  

Flaking– Flaking can happen if the concrete has some inconsistencies during its mixture. The amount of water added is also essential, as well as the time spent in mixing it to come up with the highest quality of concrete. The first preventive measure to take is by mixing the concrete well. We also eliminate excess water that arises during the drying process. 

Warping- Warping may occur when the liquid form of concrete is poured onto the poorly compacted ground. 

Moisture issues- Moisture may build up beneath your slab. Moisture problems can be prevented by installing a plastic layer between the slab and the soil. Excess water in the concrete mix can also lead to moisture problems in the future. 

Concrete slabs are of the utmost importance when it comes to construction projects. This should not be left to the hands of inexperienced contractors and is far too tricky to be done by a homeowner. You can trust us to build a concrete slab that is durable and strong to give your house a good start.


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