Stained Concrete  


Concrete Acid Staining 

We offer affordable and effective concrete staining for interior and exterior floors. Acid staining is becoming more popular both in residential and commercial properties not only because of its affordability, but also for its aesthetic value, and low upkeep requirement. 

Staining is best for:

  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Interior Flooring
  • Garage
  • Pool Decks

How Acid Staining is Done

If you are looking to acid stain your concrete, the first thing you should do is to eliminate any existing coverings you have, then clean the surface thoroughly. This step is crucial to allow the acid stain to be absorbed by the pores and achieve the maximum effect. You can now apply the acid stain once the surface is clean and allow it to dry up for at least 48 hours, then apply the sealer. The sealer used for the concrete depends on whether it’s used on an interior or an exterior floor. Interior floors require the use of epoxy or urethane sealer, while an acrylic sealer is used for exterior floors. Acrylic sealers are ideal for exterior floors because they have granules that can keep the surface slip-resistant. Both epoxy and acrylic sealers are effective in keeping any kind of stains and spills off from the surface of your concrete and prevent them from affecting the quality of the color or your stained concrete. When it comes to maintenance, we recommend waxing the stained concrete to keep its shiny appearance. Stained concrete is one of the best ways to upgrade your conventional gray concrete without worrying about the cost and maintenance. 

It may be required to put a concrete overlay to your current slabs if it is no longer in good condition. This is helpful, especially if the surface already has stains and other visible damages. An overlay will give your concrete a revived look, and staining it will be much easier. An overlay can be done for as long as there are no significant cracks in your concrete.


We are a full-service concrete service company that offers a complete range of concrete offerings for your every need. From concrete driveway installations to decorative concrete patios, walkways, pool decks, we are more than able to get it done for our valued customers. We are experienced, licensed, and professional in everything we do. 


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