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Concrete is one of the most enduring construction materials available in the market. If installed correctly, using the right mixture, it can withstand many years of exposure to different weather conditions and outside factors. However, no matter how durable concrete is, it can still be vulnerable to cracks and other damages which calls for concrete crack repair.  

Concrete cracks come in different types. While some cracks are nothing more than an ugly sight, other cracks require immediate attention. 

Random crack- This kind of crack is a crack that extends into different directions. 

Setting crack- Setting cracks appear due to uneven or poor compaction of the soil. 

Heaving cracks– Heaving cracks are due to freezing and thawing in the cold months. 

Impact cracks– Cracks that result from extreme force or impact 

Concrete begins to crack due to a number of reasons and situations. 

Too Much Water– It is important to consider the right ratio of water and other materials when producing the concrete mixture. This is something that non-professionals can be unaware of, leading them to add too much water to the mixture. While added water can make the installation easier, it will affect the strength of the concrete and make it more susceptible to cracking. 

Concrete is also vulnerable to shrinkage during the curing and hardening process. When excess water is added to the concrete mixture, the possibility of shrinkage heightens. Concrete pulls apart during shrinkage, which results in cracks. We utilize the right technique to ensure the amount of water added to the mixture is accurate.  

Drying Too Quickly or Unevenly- The drying process for concrete is also significant because it dries too soon, it will have a higher chance of incurring cracks in the future. The chemical process which the concrete goes through during the drying stage requires water, so if the water is gone too quickly, cracking will more likely take place. Concrete will also be most likely to crack if there are inconsistencies in the mix. This will result in uneven drying that will lead to cracks in the future.  

Inappropriate Concrete Strength- Concrete requires different strengths depending on the type of construction you have. Not all concrete installation necessitates the maximum strength of concrete, which is why it is essential to ask your contractor about the adequate strength needed for your construction job. If the concrete doesn’t have sufficient strength, it is more likely to fail in the long run. For too strong concrete, you will have to pay extra for something that you don’t necessarily need.

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Insufficient Control Joints- Control joints are critical for the structural integrity of the concrete. It provides an exact area for the concrete to crack. It is essential that the control joints are evenly spaced and installed as deep as the slab. 

Concrete Crack Repair

If you notice any cracks in your concrete, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will send the best of our team to have it repaired immediately. We will begin by cleaning the concrete with a pressure washer. This will sweep away all dirt, oil, and other stains that can prevent the maximum effect of the patching material that we will use. Using a vacuum cleaner, we will remove any remaining dirt off the crack. We will then put the patching mixture into the cracks and allow it to cure overnight. The task is completed by adding sealant to the repaired concrete. 


Concrete will develop cracks as it ages, but there are ways for you to prevent it from getting worse and reducing its appearance and frequency. 

Maintain your drainage system- You should make sure that the rainwater is properly drained because it can eventually cause issues when it gets under your concrete.

Don’t place plants near your driveway- Make sure there is a channel for any liquid, including rain to flow away from your concrete.

Clean the concrete– Don’t leave the concrete dirty. Eliminate any dirt, leaves, branches, or oil on its surface. 

We specialize in concrete crack repair and make sure that it will look brand new once the process is done. Like the rest of our work, our concrete crack repair comes with a one-year warranty to ensure the quality of our service.


We are a full-service concrete service company that offers a complete range of concrete offerings for your every need. From concrete driveway installations to decorative concrete patios, walkways, pool decks, we are more than able to get it done for our valued customers. We are experienced, licensed, and professional in everything we do. 


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