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    We are a top concrete company that delivers outstanding services and unmatched customer service since 2000. We know concrete work like the back of our palm, and we’ve been in the industry long enough to understand the ins and outs of the task. You can depend on us to bring all the best to the table, no matter how challenging the task is. We are a local concrete company that understands different weather conditions may impact the caliber of the work, which is why we make sure to devise the best plan to keep everything on track. 

    Concrete work is becoming more and more popular among home and business owners for their driveway, patio, and flooring requirements. We are not surprised because there are several advantages to using concrete as an alternative for more high-end materials. You can work with our expert team to construct and improve the overall look of your home and business using effective and time-tested techniques. 

    Do you fix cracks in driveways?

    Yes, we do! Driveways get the most damage, particularly cracks due to car and foot traffic over time. While you should not worry about all cracks, such as hairline cracks, some can be worrisome and need to be attended to right away. When you neglect a small crack, it can turn into a more severe problem in the long run. Significant, long cracks should be tackled immediately to avoid problems with the building’s structural integrity. We can use several techniques to update the look of your patio, driveway, or flooring without jeopardizing their durability. 

    Can you construct a new driveway?

    Many homeowners choose to go for asphalt as the primary material for their driveway. However, asphalt driveways are not built to last and do not look stylish at all. If you want to enhance the appearance of your driveway, concrete is the way to go. We can install a new concrete driveway with both style and durability. You can be assured that our team will enhance the quality of your driveway using effective methods such as staining and stamping. You can let your asphalt driveway rest and opt for concrete to give it a new life. Let our consultants discuss this service with you and answer whatever question you have in mind. 

    Does my patio need repairing or redoing?

    We need to see your patio’s condition with our own eyes before deciding if it needs repairing or an overhauling. Most of the time, simple repairs can fix the problem. However, when we see the need to redo your entire patio, we will tell you right away. We have the fastest yet most effective way to solve issues with your driveway, patio, or flooring. We can perform patching, mud jacking, or crack filling to bring back your concrete’s original state as if it was never damaged before. Whatever the issue with your patio, driveway, or flooring, you can depend on us to correct the problem using high-quality methods. 

    Concrete Macon GA


    concrete driveway back view Macon, GA
    Picture of a stamped concrete patio in the back of the house in Macon, GA.
    concrete and stained patio Macon, GA

    Concrete Flatwork Services

    We work endlessly to come up with quality results. We pay much attention to every small detail of the task to ensure we do not miss any important aspect of it. We approach each task with the same efficiency and excellence level because no job is too small or too grand for us. When you need to learn more about the different services we offer, we are just one call away from the answers. Whether it is a driveway, patio, or flooring project you need to be done, we are here to help. We provide extensive and seamless solutions to your concrete work requirements. We work with concrete technicians who can advise you on how to go about your dream project. You don’t have to worry about the cost of the project because we aim to provide high-quality concrete services at a budget-friendly rate. 

    Concrete Patio

    If there is one part of any home that we use often, it would be the patio. This part of the house can serve as the play area for the children, receiving area for guests, and even your intimate spot where you can have your relaxation time with a book and a cup of tea. We often hold family gatherings such as birthdays here. It goes without saying, the patio is an indispensable part of your home. Therefore, it should be created with safety and quality in mind. We can assist you in developing a patio that will not only look good but also last for years. Our consultants can provide you with various designs which you can select from. Whenever we do a task, we make sure to prioritize your preference to fit your personal style. 

    Concrete Driveway

    Driveways should be established to last for almost a lifetime. It should be able to take all the foot and car traffic, as well as extreme weather conditions and other external factors, without cracking or getting damaged. We are the concrete contractors Macon GA property owners call to help you construct a driveway with both the quality and durability you are looking for. Our team will create a bullet-proof plan and execute it precisely to ensure top-tier results. If you are interested in installing a driveway that will last for years, you can talk to our representatives, and they will discuss all you need to know about your dream project. 

    Concrete Flooring

    You may have contemplated at some point installing concrete flooring in your home. However, you think it’s too dull for your liking. If you talk about concrete decades ago, then that may hold some truth to it. But today, with all the innovation and breakthroughs in the construction industry, concrete flooring has already gone a long way. Through the years, different evolutions and developments in construction have made it possible to create designs, textures, and patterns that can make concrete flooring look more appealing than they were. We allow you to choose the style that will be suitable for your lifestyle and satisfaction. We can make it look like stones, marbles, or brick— just say it, and it will be done.

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    Decorative Concrete

    We are the top choice of many residents and business owners in Macon for their concrete work needs and more. It is hard to sleep on Pro Concrete Contractor Macon because of the quality we have been showing throughout the years. We deliver superior service no matter how small or large the task is. Our company works with some of the most hardworking, skilled, and seasoned contractors you can ever find in the city. Rest assured that we can turn your concrete driveway, patio, or flooring into something that is durable and attractive at the same time. We will finish the task with full effort and efficiency to come up with impressive outcomes. 

    Stained Concrete

    One useful technique to achieve a stylish and polished look for your concrete is staining. This approach can quickly enhance the appearance of your old concrete. We have assisted many proprietors in their goal to improve the look of their once boring concrete. We are highly-trained in the different methods of establishing top-quality stained concrete. Staining concrete offers both style and quality without compromising either of them. With Pro Concrete Contractor Macon, you do not need to invest too much in improving your concrete. With staining,  you can reach your goal of attractive-looking concrete, minus the spending. 

    Stamped Concrete

    You don’t have to spend your entire savings to have a driveway that looks like it is made from slate, bricks, or stones. With the stamping technique, we can achieve this goal without spending too much on natural materials. We can make your concrete appear made of high-end materials with the use of the stamping technique. Stamped concrete provides you with both the longevity and the style you look for in your driveway, patio, and flooring. It doesn’t require frequent upkeeping, which can save you time and money. It is a great choice to achieve the look you dream for in your concrete without spending the actual amount. 

    Decorative Concrete Services

    Are there cracks, peeling, settling, or lifting in your concrete surfaces? You do not have to worry because Pro Concrete Contractor is here to offer surefire ways to solve the issues without the hassle. Let our skilled men handle the situation and bring quality results to your doorstep.



    We offer all the standard services related to concrete. Whether it is a concrete driveway, patio, or garage, you can be assured that we can handle it with expertise. We also offer staining and stamping to give your concrete a better and unique look.  We are the concrete Macon property owners trust since 2012

    Driveway Repair

    One of the most utilized portions of the house is the driveway. It is always exposed to a lot of elements such as car and foot traffic and extreme weather conditions. The freeze-thaw cycle is one of the real culprits for a damaged concrete driveway. The sudden drop in temperature can cause cracks in concrete. You can rest assured that whatever damage your driveway acquired through time will be handled well by our expert contractors. We can patch, overlay, or even replace the affected area to bring back the quality of your driveway.


    The patio is one of the essential parts of any home because many special events happen here. From family gatherings to playtime to alone time, you can do it on your patio. However, it can get damaged through time and acquire hairline cracks, sink or lift due to various factors. Whatever the issue with your patio is, we can provide you with the correct solution to make it look new. With the right techniques and high-quality materials, we can assure you that your patio will look better than before.


    Your home’s structural integrity is essential for your safety. Foundation damage can come from the constant change of moisture and temperature in the ground. Although not all types of cracks are a point of concern, you should be careful not to overlook severe ones to avert future problems. 


    The weakening of concrete steps cannot be helped because it is exposed to outside factors such as extreme heat or cold and foot traffic. It can start as simple chipping at the step’s edge and result in more severe if not attended to right away. Ann Arbor Concrete Contractor Pros can help you restore your concrete steps’ overall quality with our skills and experience.


    The slab jacking technique is a practical repair method for sinking concrete. Due to improper installation, issues with soil compaction, or soil erosion, sinking can happen to concrete. Slab jacking can correct the situation and bring back the concrete’s normal level using polyurethane foam injection.


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    If you are still searching for the right concrete contractor that delivers excellent results and cost-effectiveness, at the same time, Pro Concrete Contractors Macon GA can give you all that and more. We promise impressive outcomes that will exceed your high standards in concrete work. We are self-assured that we can tackle any task concerning concrete jobs because we are well-experienced, skilled, and virtuosos when it comes to concrete services. With a clean track record and good standing, you can expect nothing bet the best from our concrete Macon company. 






    We are dedicated to helping you realize your dream of having a long-lasting and trendy concrete patio, driveway, and flooring. Concrete can offer you a number of options when it comes to the look of the finished product. You have the freedom to choose the texture, pattern, and overall design of your new patio, driveway, or flooring. As the leading concrete contractor of Macon residents, we promise to demonstrate our skills and expertise with our work outcome. Our team is composed of eligible technicians and contractors who do not settle with mediocre work. We will work hard to finish whatever task you have in store for us and surprise you with the quality of our job. If world-class concrete service is what you want, that is what you get with Pro Concrete Contractor Macon.

    Right Tools

    We only use top-caliber tools and materials in all of our concrete projects. Our company understands the value of investing in the right equipment to perform each task with quality and efficiency. You can be assured that we maintain our equipment in tip-top shape so they can be used in their best condition and keep their functionality.


    We are the number one concrete company in Macon for all the right reasons. We have been serving the city and its surrounding areas for over a decade, yet we do not stop improving ourselves for our customer's satisfaction. We always try to surpass our best performance to give our customers the quality they deserve.

    Top-Grade Materials

    The key to excellent results is in the quality of materials used. At Pro Concrete Contractor Macon, we use world-class materials to guarantee the success of our finished work. From simple repairs to new installations, you can trust our team to deliver unparalleled quality from start to finish.



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