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    We are equipped to tackle all your concrete service needs, whether for your patio, driveway, or flooring. Our company is comprised of expert contractors with more than a decade of combined experience in the business. Our number one goal is to help you realize your dream home by providing excellent yet affordable concrete services. Consider Pro Concrete Contractors if you need premium quality concrete service, minus the expensive costs.  

    Right Equipment 

    We are aware that the equipment we use is fundamental for the job we do. For this reason, we make sure to invest in the best tools and equipment in the market. Aside from that, we keep our tools in top shape by checking and maintaining them now and then. 

    Masters of Our Trade

    We are where we are now because of our dedication to excellence. Our customers trust and depend on us because we have a proven track record matched with top-notch customer service. We will continue to commit our time and effort to improve our services for our clients’ satisfaction. 

    Top Quality Materials

    The materials we use are indispensable to achieve the best possible outcome for every project we take. Our company vouches never to settle for mediocre products because we understand that it can affect the overall quality of our work. Whether it is a simple installation or an intricate repair, you can have peace of mind that we use the same quality materials. 

    Grand Rapids Concrete


    Picture of a new concrete driveway that was installed for a customer in Grands Rapid, MI.
    Picture of a concrete patio and steps installed in the front of a new home being built in Grand Rapids, MI.
    Picture of a stained patio that was finished for a customer in Grand Rapids, MI.


    We can tackle tasks from small-scale to large-scale jobs with the same level of quality. Our team can help you with your concrete driveway, concrete patio, repair solutions, and decorative services. You don’t have to choose less than the best when you work with our competent team. With Pro Concrete Contractors, you can achieve the look and durability you are looking for in your concrete project. 


    Many homeowners would agree that the patio is one of the most favorite features of their property. It functions not only as an area for you to unwind but also as a place where you can host parties and family gatherings. Whatever the purpose your patio serves you, our team wants to help you get it done. We have a wide selection of designs you can choose from. But we can also personalize a design that will best suit your style. We use highly effective methods that will surely achieve the final look that will leave you speechless. 


    Concrete driveways are one of our specializations at Pro Concrete Contractors. We make sure to build a concrete driveway with strength and long-lastingness on top of our minds. Our contractors know that the driveway is among the most utilized parts of your home, and we want to help you make the best one. We will install it carefully and properly to endure the high percentage of foot and car traffic for many years. We will also make sure to achieve whatever goal you have for your driveway regarding its design and decorative feature. Let our team help you realize your dream of an attractive yet durable concrete driveway. 


    We will not be surprised that your idea of concrete is boring, unattractive grey floors. Thanks to the recent advancements in the construction industry, this is no longer the case. New patterns, designs, colors, and textures are now available for you to choose from. With concrete, there is no limit to what you can achieve for your home. We can make your floor mimick real bricks and stones. We can use the stamping or staining technique to make your concrete look stylish for an elegant finish.

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    The days when homeowners have to settle for a plain, grey concrete finish are gone. Pro Concrete Contractors offer stunning designs and patterns that you can select from to turn your flat and dull concrete into an attractive feature of your home. With the assistance of our expert contractors, we can finish a project with a promise of superb results. We are masters of our trade, and we can tackle all types of decorative concrete services you require for your home or business.


    Are you looking to overhaul your concrete flooring, driveway, or patio? You can achieve this with concrete staining. Our team has helped hundreds of customers achieve their goals for their patios, floors, and driveways using the staining technique. We are knowledgeable of the proper methods used in installing stained concrete, so you can guarantee that all your requirements will be met. If you are decided to upgrade the look of your concrete without spending too much, go for stained concrete. Pro Concrete Contractors will help you complete the job because we are masters of our trade, and we use only the best materials to bring out the best results. 


    Are you dreaming of having a driveway or patio made from brick or slate but don’t want to shell out too much money for it? We can get it done for you! Stamped concrete is the way to go. We can make your sidewalk or flooring resemble that of genuine bricks and stones less the costs. Stamped concrete is the solution you are looking for if you want to combine quality, affordability, and style. 


    Concrete is well known for its strength and lasting characteristics. However, it can also be subjected to damages and cracks over time. While there are products in local hardware stores to assist with DIY repair service, is it worth the trouble? Concrete repairs demand skills and knowledge that our contractors at Pro Concrete Contractors have. We can renovate your concrete and bring it back to its original state. Our contractors are highly trained in concrete repairs, and we know the proper methods and techniques to use for optimal results. You can guarantee that you will not have to deal with the same problem once our team has made the repairs necessary for your concrete. 


    No matter how durable concrete is, it can still give way to deterioration due to a number of factors. As a top concrete contractor in Grand Rapids, MI, we bring you a wide range of repair solutions to help you improve the longevity of your concrete and restore its appearance. Give us a ring, and we will help you get started with getting your concrete back in top condition.




    Driveway Repair

    We all want our concrete driveway to last a lifetime. But some scenarios and factors can affect its quality and shorten its lifespan. Driveways are prone to extreme weather conditions, foot and car activities, and other elements that can result in cracking, settling, or scaling. There are several reasons why driveways develop cracks and other damages. This includes poor concrete mixing, improper subgrade,  and other issues during the curing stage of the concrete. Another cause of damage in concrete is the freeze-thaw cycle. As the temperature rises, concrete expands, but when the temperature declines, it results in cracks due to the contraction of the concrete. As your leading concrete contractor in Grand Rapids, MI, we are more than happy to offer a wide selection of concrete repair solutions to bring back the quality and durability of your concrete. We can overlay, patch, grind and even replace any compromised area of your concrete.


    The patio is one of the most loved parts of the house for many homeowners, and it is for a good reason. Family gatherings, barbecue parties, playtime with the kids, and alone time with a cup of coffee often happens here. But due to constant use, heat, and other factors, it is now worn out and damaged. If this is now the condition of your patio, we’ve got the solution for you. Whether your concrete patio is sinking, lifting, or cracking, we have the service you need to bring it back to its glorious days. No matter how simple or elaborate the damage with your concrete patio is, you can rely on our skilled contractors to provide the proper solution.


    The constant change in moisture level and temperature in the ground can be the primary culprit for the cracks in your concrete foundation. The pressure on the slab in your foundation often leads to cracks. Although not all cracks should be a problem, it is wise to deal with the major ones to avert issues in the long run. Call us today to discuss your foundation repair needs.


    Concrete steps are exposed to several elements that can impact their quality and strength. The damage can be as simple as chipping at the edges, but it can blow out of proportion if not managed right away. We can help you revive the quality of your concrete steps using the best products in the market.


    Is your concrete sinking or uneven? Slab jacking can remedy the problem and restore the durability of your concrete in no time. Sinking or jagged concrete can result from soil erosion, poor installation, or issues with soil compaction. Slab jacking can help revive the expected level of the concrete by injecting polyurethane foam in tactical areas. 


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    Pro Concrete Contractors has provided top-notch concrete services in Grand Rapids, MI, for over a decade. We guarantee nothing but the best experience and result for all our valued customers. We understand concrete like no one else in town, which is why you can depend on our expert contractors to deliver outstanding outputs for your concrete project. We are part of the community we work in; that is why we are aware of the weather conditions that can affect the quality of our work. 



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