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    Local Trusted Pro Concrete Contractors Virginia Beach

    Are you in need of reliable concrete contractors in Virginia Beach, VA? Today is your lucky day! Our professional team can tackle all concrete services from small to large-scale projects. Rest assured that we will deliver our promise and show you why we are the most trusted concrete contractor in town. All of the services we offer are backed by decades of combined experience of our contractors; that is why you can expect no less than impressive outputs from us. We are recognized not only for the impressive results of our work but also for our excellent customer care. Whether you are looking to enhance the look of your patio or driveway, or you want to install concrete pool decks, you can depend on us for affordable yet high-quality results. 

    Professional Concrete Contractors Virginia Beach VA

    We are the leading concrete contractor Virginia Beach, VA, for all the right reasons. Locals depend on us because we have a proven reputation and a clean track record. From day one of our inception up to now, we continue to work on improving our skills. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations by giving our best shot at every project we perform. Integrity and dependability are our core values, and we always work hard to keep up with the demands of our industry. When you select our team to handle your concrete project, you are choosing quality and affordability. The next time you require concrete contractors Virginia Beach, VA, give us a call, and you will not be disappointed

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    Concrete Patios Virginia Beach, VA 

    We all love a gorgeous outdoor space. Adding a concrete patio to your property is a practical way to upgrade your backyard’s appearance instantly. Adding a concrete patio beautifies not only your home but also improves its value. Using concrete to build the patio of your dreams gives you a wide variety of choices regarding the design and pattern to suit your preference. Our contractors will be glad to help you in achieving the patio that you’ve always wanted. VB Concrete Contractors is your best choice for your concrete patio project.  

    Concrete Driveway Contractors Virginia Beach, VA

    You need to consider some crucial factors if you are thinking of installing a new driveway. Some people decide between concrete or asphalt when building a driveway. Longevity and durability are crucial characteristics that you should factor in when choosing the material to use. Your driveway is one of the most utilized aspects of your home and is also one of the first things a visitor can see when he arrives at your home. For this reason, we highly recommend choosing concrete for your driveway. Concrete offers many advantages, from affordability to strength, and we will be more than happy to install or repair your concrete driveway for you. You also have a wide range of choices for the decorative feature of your driveway. Make the right decision by calling VB Concrete Contractors Virginia Beach to complete the task on your behalf. 

    Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair Virginia Beach, VA

    We provide unparalleled quality for both residential and commercial foundation projects. Our team comprises trained and skilled contractors with solid years of experience and exemplary character to bring the results you deserve. We strive to provide you with a concrete foundation that will last a lifetime without the pain in your pocket. Our contractor will work with you to realize your goals for your home. If you have an existing concrete foundation that needs some renovating, we are here to help. 

    Residential and Commercial Concrete Contractor Virginia Beach, VA

    Wherever concrete can be poured and installed, we can handle it! When you allow our team to take care of your concrete projects, you can be confident that you will get top-quality results, no matter how large-scale or straightforward your project is. We are regarded in the city for all our hard work and commitment to top-notch results. VB Concrete Contractors Virginia Beach is your best choice for whatever concrete undertaking you have in mind. Let us demonstrate to you what top-quality service is all about.

    We are capable of completing a wide variety of projects, including the following:  

    Concrete Pool Decks: If you own a house with a swimming pool, you realize how essential it is to keep your pool area looking clean and put together. If your pool is starting to look old and is obtaining damages, we are here to help. We can create a concrete pool deck that can stand the test of time. If you have an existing pool deck with damages, we can bring it back to its previous state using effective repair techniques.  

    Concrete Garage: We can tackle single or multiple-car garages with the same quality. Our qualified contractors will provide you with a top-caliber concrete garage. 

    Retaining Walls: We can install retaining walls that are not only durable but aesthetically pleasing, too! You don’t have to stay with just functional retaining walls. We can do beyond what is expected from us and provide you with the best quality results. VB Concrete Contractors uses high-quality materials and effective techniques to ensure the outcome of our projects. 

    Slabs: Whatever concrete project you want to start, concrete slabs are essential to creating a durable and sturdy foundation. We are experts in installing concrete slabs, so you can be assured that the result will be as you imagined it. 

    ADA Ramps: Want to improve your home or building by making it more handicap-friendly? We can install ADA ramps that observe high standards to make your building more convenient to use for disabled individuals.

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    Decorative Concrete Virginia Beach VA

    Have you always wanted to have a beautiful outdoor space made from expensive stones? We can get it done minus the cost! With stamped concrete, we can make your patio, driveway, or flooring resemble whatever high-end material you want without spending the same amount. 

    Concrete Polishing Virginia Beach VA

    Concrete polishing involves a multi-step process to smoothen out the surface of the concrete by grinding, honing, and polishing its outer layer. The process goes on until the desired result is achieved.​

    Concrete Resurfacing Virginia Beach VA

    Are you dreaming of new and better flooring? We are a team of competent contractors who can assist you select the design that will work with your style and preference. 

    Why Work With Us?

    The simple answer is because we are the best at what we do! We have been in the concrete service industry long enough to understand the demands of the job and provide the service our clients deserve. We take pride in our unmatched customer service and high-quality outputs. We are a locally owned and managed company that is regarded for our unmatched skill and professionalism. 

    Do you want excellent results without the overly expensive cost? Get in touch with us today, and we will make it happen for you!


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    Who We Are

    Since the conception of our company ten years ago, we have proven ourselves to be trustworthy and reliable in terms of providing top-rate concrete service. We are determined to improve ourselves constantly and hire only the most qualified contractors in Virginia Beach, VA. It is never in our vocabulary to relax because the work is not done until our client is satisfied. We are very safe with our practices and approaches, giving us a low injury rate. Our team looks after one another and ensures everyone and everything on site is unharmed.   Call the concrete Virginia Beach property owners trust. 



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    When you decide to work with a concrete contractor in Virginia Beach, VA, you must choose the one that can offer quality and efficiency that VB Concrete Contractor can provide you. Here’s why we are still the top contractor in the city up to this day:

    Speed & Competence

    Our contractors have been trained rigorously to meet the industry's high standards. We can finish any task in a fraction of time without neglecting the overall quality of the job. You can rest assured that we will handle the project with the utmost care and finish it perfectly and efficiently.

    The Best Materials

    Pouring concrete or installing a new driveway or patio is a long-term project. Its success depends mainly on the service provider you will choose to complete the task. If you land on the right company, you will reap its benefits. But if you don't, you may find yourself spending more than you are willing to pay. At VB Concrete Contractors, we make sure to use high-quality materials for every project, big or small, to guarantee superb outcomes. We never settle for second-rate products because we believe that they will dictate the quality of our work. With our team on your property, you can be assured of no less than first-rate results. Concrete Virginia Beach trusts.

    We're Affordable

    Using concrete for your home improvement project is one of the best ways to save. We will offer you the most competitive rates you can find in the area. You don't need to worry about spending a fortune on your dream concrete patio or driveway. Get in touch with our consultant today and ask for a free estimate on the service you wish to avail. We will be more than glad to see you in person and discuss your goals for your construction project.



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